Like many other cities in the UK and abroad, Glasgow has a wealth of social problems, and a history of darker days. How can we shed light, confront and improve our city for the future?

2.1 The Hydro and other venues within Glasgow won’t be used for at least a year due to Covid-19 - design how they might be repurposed to improve equality.

2.3 Spatial inequality ←→ Spatial equality – Some people have gardens in Glasgow - some people live in one bedroom flats. Demonstrate the effect of spatial inequality in lockdown.

2.4 COVID-19 has had a disproportionate effect on BAME people, and on poor communities worldwide. In parallel, Black Lives Matter protests are currently sweeping across America. We must include intersectionality as we re-imagine Glasgow. Yet many of our streets are historically named after men who have profited off the slave trade. What can we do to highlight, confront, and improve this?
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