Imagine reforming Glasgow’s industrial city to your ideal green city. What would that look like? Should we turn Glasgow’s green spaces into a forest?

4.1 What if we turned Glasgow into a national park? A greener, healthier, wilder and fairer place to live. Create a marketing campaign that will raise awareness of the initiative and inspire people to get involved.

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4.2 Glasgow biodiversity isn’t restricted to pigeons and the occasional urban fox - we have water voles, bats, peregrine falcons and a host of other creatures. Our flora and fauna is equally diverse. However, they are all under threat from urbanisation - how can we reverse that trend and protect our biodiverse community? Could we provide ‘citizenship’ for each plant, animal and tree like a Costa Rican suburb did? Or, like the Ganges River in India, can we protect the city by granting it human rights?

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